Our network consists of seven collaborative groups or pools that are formed according to the topics of the collecting duties division. The pool museums design and carry out contemporary documentation and other collection work projects in collaboration.

Pool work offers an excellent space for discussion among the museum professionals working with the collections, opening up new perspectives, generating cooperation and promoting the division of collecting duties.

The museums may join one or more pools according to their collection policies and interests. Pool work does not require the museums to commit to a certain form of collaboration, but allows each party to participate within their resources. The museum may participate in the TAKO division of collecting duties even if it does not participate in pool work. However, participating in pool work provides the members with a flow of information and other diverse advantages. 

The pools have 2 to 4 meetings per year in member museums around the country, online, or at TAKO seminars. The pools work independently and decide on new projects according to the interests and resources of the member museums. The pools are also responsible for acquiring project funding, if needed. The pool chairs represent their pools as members of the TAKO steering group.